My Jeep has been Possessed!

While driving I turned on my headlights and my car became possessed. My warning lights started to flicker on and off, my car was dinging out of control. The speedometer, gas, and RPM gauge went to zero. My brights light would not come on. My dinging for the lights being left on, or the key being left in the ignition, after the car is parked, and the door is open, will not go on either. I turned my lights off and all was well. Turned them on again and the same thing happened. Now, the following day, it is doing this periodically every couple of minutes while I’m driving, whether the lights are on or not. My radio and head lights work fine. I checked all my fuses and they all seem to be AOK. I disconnected my car battery and reconnected it to see if it would reset and it still did the same thing. One other strange occurrence. The last month or so while I’ve been driving my battery light came on for a few minutes. I had the battery checked and it is not bad. Then last week my gas-cap warning started to randomly appear. I changed my gas cap, and guess what…it still came on, at random. My car seems to be possessed, can anyone help?

I’d check the ground connections. From the battery to the frame, from the frame to the engine. There are a bunch of them. A good service manual will tell you where they are located. Check, clean and tighten them.
There are so many of them to minimize ground currents through certain points. When one is loose, more current goes through one particular connection that cannot deal with it. It causes slight voltage variations where there shouldn’t be any and can play havoc with electronic stuff.