2001 ford focus

my car is possessed!!!the gauges on the consuke have a mind of their own. i will be driving and all of a sudden all needles will bury, they jump and somethimes acts as if it is shut off and just being started, meanwhile i have been driving for a half our. the check engine light comes on and off, same with the battery light…please help

Probably a weak battery +/- weak alternator. Have the code for the check engine light read, the battery and the alternator checked for free at autozone/Kragen or a similar store locally. Ignore this for a bit longer and pay for the tow truck!

I know nothing of Focus displays, but my first suspect would be a loose ground connection on the back of the dash display. This problem is fairly common on '90s vintage 3-series BMWs.

I once left a main dash ground wire loose after replacing a stereo in a Volvo, and I had all kinds of spooky problems until I found it. Has anyone done any work inside your dash, such as installing a new stereo?

no noone has done any work inside the dash, it just started all of a sudden while i was on my way to work one day…thanks for the help:)

ok will get right on it thank’s so much