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2006 Civic Hybrid - How Many Miles These Little Hybrids May Go?

I’m driving a 2006 Civic Hybrid with 90k that I purchased new along with an extended warranty to 120k. The car has been serviced by the dealer since new, runs like a charm and drives like a BMW. My daily commute is approximately 66 miles round trip. I’m wondering how many miles these little hybrids may go? Would it be like a non-hybrid Honda and go to 200k? The dealership will inspect the batteries at around 100k and see if they need replacement, which should be covered by the warranty. I was anxious for the 2012 Civic, but the reviews have been awful (as is the styling). I’m a huge Honda fan, but am thinking of switching to the Elantra. Thanks all!

Frankly it is too early to really know for sure.  My guess is the life should be about the same as a gasser.  If you had asked this question not too long ago, I would have said you should expect more maintenance and repair, but hats off to the engineers, they seem to be holding up very well over all.

There is no way to answer the question “how far will X go?” A car isn’t “a” thing. Its a whole bunch of different things any of which can be replaced. The only thing that really kills a car is accident or rust damage.

So that little hybrid will go as long as long as you make it go.

My guess is that the hybrid batteries last 8-10 years regardless of miles driven. The battery pack & electric motor may take some stress and wear off the engine so my guess is that the engine lasts a long time as long as you take care of it.

Yes, there are many people getting up in mileage on their Honda hybrids, I could see 200k as being realistic.

The battery life isn’t really dependant upon mileage so much as time. Letting the car sit for any lengthy period of time will also shorten the battery life. It is recommended not to let the hybrid sit without driving for more than 30 days or it can cause problems with the IMA battery.

I’m not sure what the dealer will check on your battery at 100k miles, my experience with the Honda warranty process is that if you don’t have the IMA trouble code set, which will be obvious because your Check Engine Light and IMA light will both be lit on the dash, then they won’t do anything with your battery.

Mine was just outside of the warranty period on time but not on miles when the battery failed.

Thanks to all that responded to the posting. This is a great little car, enjoy driving it and just wanted to know what to expect. Not being a mechanic or knowing much about the hybrid longevity, it’s appreciated getting such nice feedback.