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My horn stopped working!

my horn in my 1995 subaru impreza stopped working and i can’t figure out what’s wrong so i am thinking of just getting a new one. where could i get one and should i get the dukes of hazzard horn?

It likely has a relay, which means it could be the horn switch, the clockwork mechanism, a wiring problem or the horn. You can replace parts or start checking each part of the system.

Sorry I don’t know where you would find a Duke’s horns, but I bet a Google search would find one. Since you are considering purchasing that anyway, go ahead and try, if it does not fix it, then start checking parts not replacing them.

Make certain the problem is the horn. Check to see if power is getting to the horn. If not, there may be a defective horn switch, relay or fuse. If poser is getting to the horn, I imagine you can obtain a universal replacement at an auto parts store that will do the job.