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My Honda Crv Transmission Problem!

Asked on May 28, 2012

2000 Honda CRV Drivetrain Problem with 19000 miles

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Why Is Transmission Stalling?
While driving up a hill, my 2000 crv just stopped. The engine was running fine, but the trans. wasnt engaging. We put trans. fluid in, and drove home. We replaced the Torque Convertor solenoid. Then it drove for 2 days, just fine. Today we drove out, there was a whining sound coming from the passenger side of the front engine. It drove a couple miles, then stopped again. Engine still runs fine, trans won’t engage. We sat for a few minutes, and drove it home, it worked again! Does this sound familiar to anyone? The reason we replaced the Solenoid is because the check engine codes were; PO740 and PO730 TCC. Will i need another Transmission? It has 190,000 miles, bought it 3 yrs ago, the other owner said he had replaced the Transmission before we got it. Hoping there is a simple fix, we can do at home, Thanx, kweenie

In order to help us with answering your question, you are going to have to clarify some points for us.
Regarding, “We put trans. fluid in, and drove home”, how low was the level of the trans fluid?
How much did you add?
What was the color of the “old” transmission fluid on the dipstick?
Did you use *genuine" Honda transmission fluid?
Have you checked the transmission again, to see if the fluid level has dropped?

Also–do you have any idea regarding the prior service history on this transmission?

In order to make it clear why I am asking these questions, here are some points to consider:

Hondas need transmission fluid that is specific to that make of car. So-called “universal” trans fluids will not allow the transmission to work properly, and will actually lead to damage.

If the trans was running on a low level of fluid for an extended period of time, then damage has undoubtedly resulted.

Transmissions need to have their fluid changed every 3 years or 30k miles, so this vehicle should have had the trans serviced ~6 times so far. Unless you can confirm through service records that the previous owner(s) did this, then the trans was living on borrowed time to begin with. When an automatic trans is not serviced on the schedule noted above, failure can take place any time after ~90k miles, and is pretty much of a sure thing after ~120k miles.

Do you have any service receipts to confirm that the trans was replaced just before you bought the car? If so, was it a used trans, or a rebuilt trans?

Continuing to drive this car is not going to help the situation, nor is it likely that you can repair it yourself. It needs to be examined by a transmission specialist. I strongly suggest that you AVOID the transmission repair chain operations (AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, etc), and have the vehicle towed to an independent transmission shop with a good reputation.