My girlfriend's new Explorer makes a annoying noise

My girlfriends 2007 Explorer makes a horrible “whoomp-whoomp…” sound when the rear windows are down.These windows have to be down for her 150lb. Great Dane when she travels with us. Got any suggestions? Will Ventvisors help?

Why do the windows have to be down—because of “dog smell”? With the heater/air controls, make sure the incoming air vent is selected. If you still need more fresh air, open driver, or front passenger, windows a little.

As suggested try cracking open other windows until you find a more quiet cabin. The Whoomp-whoomp is a harmonic distortion and changing the airflow by opening more windows should work. I have a moon roof that opens and gets that noise, if I open a back window a bit, it is fine.

Anything that changes the airflow could work, so you’ll just have to experiment with the front window position, rear window position, and sunroof position.

Not because of smell, she just likes to stick her head out of the window…the dog, not my girlfriend.

We have tried different window positions. This seems to help a bit but doesn’t totally fix it. Have you ever used Ventvisors? Do they help?

I have two dogs and only open the windows down enough so they can only stick their snouts out when traveling. (I’ll explain why in a sec)

I have an ‘02 Tahoe with the ventvisors over all 4 doors and don’t have the noise you described. Lots of wind noise, but mostly because I have a 21’ travel trailer behind the truck when I use it.

I also have a 2000 Silhouette (van) that does not have the visors and still does not have your noise. Same with my '04 Toyota Matrix.

Perhaps the noise isn’t from the windows but perhaps from a tire?

Now FWIW, my next door neighbor has a 5 year old Wheaton Terrier. (beautiful animal) Well, not quite as beautiful now as it used to be.

He used to leave the window down so the dog could stick its head out too…until the dogs’ left eye caught a wasp at 50 mph.
The vet couldn’t save it.

Most vets don’t recommend letting a dog stick its head out the window, as it can be harmful to the dog, especially when it is cold. Dogs are not all that smart about such things.

As for the noise, I agree with the recommendations to adjust the windows a little at a time until you can eliminate or reduce the sound.