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My Ford Jerks!

Have you heard of Ford Contours that jerk and hesitates? I can have a full tank, or almost empty of gas, be on the hiway or in town when for no apparent reason, it begins to jerk and hesitates. Pushing down on the gas pedal makes it worst. I am going to have the fuel pump replaced (it was suggested I do that) and hope this resolves the problem. I surfed the web looking for an answer.

Don’t replace that expensive fuel pump unless you know that’s the problem. Have the fuel pressure tested first.


Don’t just replace a fuel pump on a guess. As Tester said, the fuel pressure can be checked. Is any of the maintenance up to date on this car? How old are the spark plugs & wires? Air filter? Fuel filter? Take care of basic maintenance and then see.

Is the check engine light on?

What year Ford? How many miles? Have you had all the recommended (list in the owner’s manual) maintenance done?

Any history of problems?