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Contour that just won't Lug it out

This question is about my good old road car. It is a 97 Ford contour with an automatic transmission and a 2.0l 4 cylinder engine. Recently when I drive it in high gear it will jerk and pause momentarily when operating at speeds between 45-60 mph when the engine is lugged down, like climbing hills. The transmission fluid has just been changed and the car has 101,000 miles on it. What might i be looking at here, is it time to get a new car or a smiple fix? thanks

When was the last time that you replaced the fuel filter?
If it has been more than 30k miles, or if you don’t know when it was replaced, then it is time to do it now.

Bear in mind that if you have been running this car for an extended period of time with a partially blocked fuel filter, you could have already weakened the fuel pump and drastically shortened its life span. If you change the filter now, you may be able to save the fuel pump.

My wife’s car behaves exactly as yours. We have done all kinds of repairs incl new fuel pump, fuel filter, checked for vacuum leaks, changed spark plugs and wires, cleaned the fuel system and still have this problem, not all at he same time but done nonetheless. The car is fine downhill but as soon as transitioning to uphill, stutter, stutter. When the car is hot and its hot outside, it is worse. Any ideas for repair? Thanks.

Do you have a temp gauge? Loosing any coolant?

Yes to the temp gauge. Not losing any coolant.