My engine is loose

Just got my car back from getting a battery and they told me my engine is loose. now i have had my car sense 2002 it is a 01 malibu with the 3.1 v-6 and it has had a knock in the engine for at lest 4 years with no noticeable change in sound/performance. we have taken the car to our local chevy deal for all regular maintenance (it was also one of the dealers service loaners for the year we didn’t own it) and they have said nothing about the knock. So with that said i am wondering if i should look into my loose engine or if it is a scam.

Of course you should look into it, you may have a broken motor mount. If nothing is wrong it could be simply misinformation. Not all that is said that is wrong is a scam.

A knock in the engine is very different from a “loose engine”, but then again, there is no diagnosis that I have ever heard of called “a loose engine”. Is it possible that you were told that the motor mounts are bad? This is something that should not be ignored, as it is a potential safety issue.

A knock in the engine is also something that should not be ignored, but I guess that if your engine has not self-destructed after ignoring a knock for 4 years, why start worrying about it now?

More than anything, I think that you need a competent mechanic who explains exactly what is wrong with your car. If you can get a specific diagnosis, come back to this site and post it for further advice.

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