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Car knocking over 60 mph

hey guys i have a problem with my car doing over 60mph on the freeway, i just got a new power steering pump and pully, and i seems to work fine, but when i get up to about 60 it knocks really bad, and really fast and loud, can describe more if u can help, please help,lol, thx

What year is the Malibu,
what engine does it have,
How many miles are on this Malibu,
have you had any CEL warnings,
how’s the maintenance history, been,
what’s been done recently besides the PS pump,
do you check your fluids routinely,
how is the oil level.
how does the oil and coolant look,
and does it knock when you rev the engine manually when using the accelerator cable pulley and with your head under the hood?

If the engine is old and tired, and especially of you’ve had no CEL waening, then the engine may just be shot and the knocking be bearing related. Especially of it does it when revving the engine manually.

But answering the questions will provide a much better “picture” and enable us to help you better.

thanks for the reply, ok itz a 1998 6cl 3100,or 3.1, to be real with u this car has been a pain since i have had this car, 1st off it had over 200k miles on it, water got in the oil, blew it, changed the motor, new motor had 90k miles, ran great for a while PS pully broke, cant get the coolet level sencer to go off, but the fluids are fine, oil looks good not burned, sounds like a valuve spring is sticking do to wrong gas but nothing major. does not make the knocking sound manually, have not seen any CEL warnings but dont know if that pops up on the dash, did not do this until the PS broke, does seem to leek oil a lil, but i’ve heard this motor is bad about the oil leek and seal, the knockseems to be comming from the passenger side, the motor mount is solid, the knock is rapid like a card in a bike spoke but a whole lot louder, sry trying to give u the best i can, thx

Is the sound in sync with the wheels or the engine?

I thought of a collapsed lifter, but you should be able to verify that by revving it manually with your head under the hood.

can ne one help me plz?

This is completely unrelated to your history as you have explained it, but I would try a higher octane gasoline. It just might be the time for your car. Try a mid-range gasoline and see is there is any improvement.