My engine cuts out and back fires


i have a 1991 grand am 2.5 4 cylinder fuel injection. it has 186,000 miles. i know get a new car. hah! i have recently put new plugs in, changed out a vacume hose, and fuel filter. i check my flueds reguarly, and change the oil regularly. about six months back it started to cut out and back fire when i give it gas and attempt to get in to traffic. if i give it the gas slowly then it will not do this. somebody please help.

thank you


The fuel pump may be on its way out.

When was the fuel filter last changed?
A dirty fuel filter will show these symptoms when a high demand is asked for.

Also check that the air filter is clean.


thank you for your response.
when the problem first accurred, i changed the plugs, but yestarday, i changed the fuel filter (and that was long over due), aswell as the air filter, a vacume hose, and the filter going to the crank. my problem has been an issue for about 6 months now.


oh, maybe this might help diagnose.
i can reave the engine while parked with no problems whatsover.