My dads truck, ac hose leak

1998 nissan frontier. we were recharging the ac system with 1 of those kits u can buy at walmart. it said it had some sealent in the stuff. yellowish goo was coming out a crack or hole from the silver tube closest to where it connected to i guess the commpressor at the front of the engine by the belts. i think the hole/crack is too big for the sealent although we have not tried charging it again. i think jb weld or something would seal it pretty good but my dad wanted to know about maybe replacing the hose or other options. miserably hot while driving, tx

The only way this is going to be fixed is by replacing the hose.

The sealant really only works at all if the problem is worn-out O-rings or rubber seals. You will need to replace whatever is leaking for a leak this bad.