My crazy hyuandai elentra, what a problem

i have been experiencing a crazy problem, my vehicle makes clicking noises from door area, this happens when car is moving or sitting. when i left my car parked for two days the car would not start. My mechenic thinks the door function is acting up and had a remote at one time on this vehicle, for which i dont have now. i just use key to open the door, he will remove door function and clicking should stop. and stop draining battery do you agree with this?

Perhaps. Anytime you have a battery that repeatedly goes dead, you should have the battery and charging system tested. Whether the ghostly noises are coming from something that’s causing the drain can be easily determined by measuring the current drain while the car is off. It’s called “parasitic drain”, as in “parasite”.

Beyond that, if the door solenoid is reacting to an intermittant short to ground removing the solenoid may not solve the problem. Depends on where the short is.