My car

anybody know where a guy can find a hood scoop for a 1980 mustang cobra

is this for snow removal or to wring out some more gut-wrenching giddy-up
(I Did It. I Wrote With No Punctuation !)


I believe this was the style on an 82 GT.

Ed B.

“I Did It. I Wrote With No Punctuation !”

The dashes and exclamation point are punctuation marks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very Funny, JT. Of Course I Meant The Unpunctuated “Sentence” That Preceeded The Punctuated One. I Was Unable To Continue For One More Sentence.

u knew that, right


You need to post this on a Mustang forum, I bet there’s a Mustang Cobra forum.

OK we have ragged on you for not using proper punctuation. Please remember to take the little extra effort next time. If you want help from someone, (we are not paid) then help us out and use proper punctuation so we can read your message easier.

I would check around at local body shops and see if they can make one for you.  A good body shop should be able to hand it.

CSA, the dashes were in the first sentence. I kno thit u wil get it rite the next tim.
They are a Fox body Mustang parts warehouse located in New Lenox Illinois.They have all kinds of mustang parts.