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My car

I have a 2002 Honda Accord. I am currently having issues. It is an automatic. About three months ago when I strart it, the TCS light comes on and the car drags along. After a while, when I get to a stop light, I turn the car off and on again. The TCS light goes out and the car starts accelerating at the normal rate. If I leave the car parked for long, the problem arises again. Recently it has gotten worse ass the weather has gotten colder (I live in Chicago). Each time I try to put it in Drive, it does not engage and instead lets out a high pitch sound. I then put it in 2, it engages and droives fopr a while then whe n I “shift” to "drive " it engages. At this point there is not reverse. It does not engage in reverse at all. It might be a transmission issue but I am not sure what type of issue.