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My car wont try to start

My car will not start or make any noise at all when i turn the key i have checked my starter, my battery clutch switch and fuses and nothin has worked i dont know wat is wrong or wat to do

When you say “checked” do you mean that you have actually taken a multimeter and checked actual voltages and continuities and such? Or do you mean you looked at stuff and wiggled it around?

i took my starter to auto zone and had it tested and all my fuses i pulled out and looked at them i tried to jump my car and it didnt work and all my lights and bells still work

Do you know the voltage on the battery? (Don’t just assume that bells and lights mean all is well with that).

I would start a careful inspection of the battery cables, including peeling back the insulation. IF they’re not pretty and shiny clean copper look at those as a problem source. If a jumpstart had no results that is one obvious and easy place to check.

Starter relay, or ignition switch? Is the solenoid mounted on the starter or remote on this car?

What kind of car is it?

If you have another key, try it. Maybe the ignition switch is worn. Do you have an anti-theft device?