My car won’t move, when placed on drive or reverse

Hi, I was recently out of town , and it was during harsh winters down in New York and for about 3 months I did not use my car, now that it’s summer I am back in town and I tried checking my 2015 Chevrolet Malibu car and it simply won’t move at all. When placed in driver, reverse or neutral nothing works, I tried checking if maybe it was the emergency break but I can’t even lift that up , when I press on the gas pedal it feels like my car is trying to fight it . I don’t know what could be the problem ? No lights come out in the dash,

Your e-brake cables are seized

More than likely the brake system components are rusted from non-use.

If you can’t pull up on the parking brake, that usually means the parking brake cable is rusted.

Unless you have the facility/equipment/tools to disassemble the brake system, the vehicle should be towed to a shop.


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Yes I saw I just checked the brake cable I can see some rust all over it, I also see rust on the calibers could that also be something or is it just the cables ?

Yes I saw I just checked the brake cable I can see some rust all over it, I also see rust on the calipers could that also be something or is it just the cables ?

Everything is rusted.

Calipers, brake cable, semi metalic brake pads to the rotors, etc…

So? Unless you’re able to handle this situation, have it towed to a shop.


How can it be towed to a shop? the wheels don’t even rotate.

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What they will do is drag it onto a rollback, and drag it off when it gets to the shop. The tires might get ruined,(maybe not), but you don’t have much of a choice.,

Warn both the towing company and the shop of the situation.

Has anyone tried dumping some grease on the asphalt (where the tires would be dragged) in this situation? Just an idea…

I assume that most tow truck drivers and repair shops have had to deal with this at one time or another and have figured out what to do. I also think that many figure it’s too much trouble to do anything else but drag the car.

If they did not clean the grease up and someone slipped and fell - Lawsuit time .

The car haulers I know use DAWN dish washing soap under tires that don’t rotate.

Very slick, biodegradable, and it removes oil/grease from the deck of their haulers that vehicles leave.


great idea

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I think the OP should call a mobile mechanic. They can fix most car troubles on the spot.

If not a flat bed, they do have dollies for under the rear wheels or they can tow the rear end and the front wheels should not be affected. It just isn’t a good idea to use the parking brake for extended periods. Don’t try to force it or you’ll burn out the transmission.

I actually got in my car today and tried to see if the car could move and it did , however I guess since it’s been for a while that I have not been using my car the rust in the rotor and calipers are making this weird noise when I drove it around my home. Like if there is something scrapping on it, I guess I need to take the rust of it

Drive until the rust buildup is scraped away by the pads.A lot of stop and go driving will take care of it.

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Thank you I’ll do that

When you tell the tow company the problem they’ll send a tilt-bed with a winch and just drag it up onto the tilt-bed. They deal with cars that can’t roll all the time. Accidents often leave at least one car that can’t roll, and if they do repos they drag the car up onto the bed.

Assuming the problem is the parking brake, they’ll probably even lift the rear wheels and drag it up with the winch on the wheels that still roll. They can even put a dolly under the rear wheels and pull it up that way.

They’ll know what to do.

His problem has been solved in another post. He can drive his car now.

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