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My car tries to die when i cut my ac on

Hi guys I have a 2005 Hyundai Tiburon the mileage is 185,000 miles on it and it just started to act up this morning to fall dead on me every time I kept my ac on it wants to fall dead even when I accelerate with the ac on the just wants to jerk a lot please help me what should i do!!

Have an AC specialist check it out unless you want to do some DIY investigating.

Does the compressor have its own drive belt, or is it on a serpentine belt?

First thing I’d check is: is the AC compressor locked up (does not turn) and this puts a great strain on its belt. If it has its own belt, take off the belt. If serpentine belt, loosen it and check for free rotation of the compressor and other items driven by that belt.

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Im not sure its an automatic 4 cylinder

Battery not producing enough power maybe? Ac uses a lot of of it

No. AC does not use much battery power at all. The compressor is driven by the engine directly, at least on the cars I know about. I suppose electrically driven compressors might be used in some cars. They are used in all homes.


Have someone try cleaning the throttle body, the Idle air control valve.
and check the Idle Speed Stabilizer.,2005,tiburon,2.0l+l4,1431320,fuel+&+air,idle+speed+stabilizer,6088


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As a test your shop might be able to run the engine briefly without the compressor. If that returns everything to normal, that’s a major clue the compressor is faulty. A faulty compressor can definitely cause this symptom. Running the engine with the AC on and a faulty compressor can cause the compressor to lock up and damage other stuff, so until you know the compressor status, suggest to not use the AC.

The other thing that comes to mind – besides the good ideas above – is that an engine that’s running poorly for some non-AC reason may not be able to handle the add’l load of the A/C, and can stall out when the AC is turned on. You might could test this theory by using the alternator to load down the engine. Does the engine stumble at all when you stress the alternator, say by turning the headlights on “high”, the rear window defroster on, the heater fan on, the radiator fans on, all while turning the steering wheel? If so that’s a clue there’s some engine repair or maintenance needed. Suggest to have the engine diagnostic codes read out.

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