Toyota Camry a/c


I have a 2002 Toyota Camry… the a/c keeps cutting out… I’ll be driving down the road, and all of a sudden it turns off… won’t stay on. Any suggestions??


You could try swapping the relay for the compressor with another like it and see if that helps.


Get the pressures checked in the system.

If the system is low on freon it will operate for a short time but if the low side pressure drops enough the low pressure shutoff switch will prevent the compressor from operating. This prevents the compressor from being damged.

Do not listen to any advice from STAR, he has no experience in automotive A/C. He gives out false and misleading information.


her is a thread in regards to faulty A/C clutch relay Hope this might help


Thank you for the info… I will check this out.


As usual, ignore Star’s posts about auto A/C., of which his knowledge is far less than zero.
The part about drawing excessive current is absolute, total, 110%, unequivocal bunk.

Moderator, please do something about this cancerous problem.


Star… the compressor draws no eletrical power. The compressor clutch draws power to engage and it will draw the same amount of power no matter what kind of load is on the compressor.

The compressor is driven by the belt not electrical power. Of course you wouldn’t know that because you have no idea how automotive A/C works.

MODERATOR… I second OK 4450. Something needs to be done about STAR882, he continues to give out false and misleading information about automotive A/C. Many of us have triied to get him to engage in a discussion about his experience and ability but he ignores those requests.


OK knucklehead… what part of… “the compressor doesn’t draw electrical power” don’t you understand!

The compressor clutch draws the power and it doesn’t care how much of a load is on the compressor. The amp draw doesn’t change.

This is not a electrical compressor.


Wrong again. It is set in motion by the belt. The clutch is a on/off switch and it always draws the same amout of amps regardless of the load on the compressor.


OK4450… what is it going to take to get star banned from this board? I really believe he is just trolling this board and it is a game to him.

Can the moderators be that blind as to not see what is going on?


Please tell me what drives the compressor in a automotive application?


All auto compressors are of the open drive type, with a few exception being mostly hybrids. The engine turns the compressor by means of a pulley and belt, when a magnetic clutch is engaged the compressor turns when its disengages the pulley free wheels.


auto ac without clutch


I need help with the original question (not poor, befuddled, Mr. Starr). What are the SYMPTOMS of the problem? What is happening? When the A/C cuts off…does that mean the blower fan stops running; or, does it mean, the air discharged from the register becomes warm? RSVP!



It is very obvious by this post that STAR882 has no knowlegde of automotive A/C. The picture posted of a A/C compressor that is used in everyday automotive applications is a perfect example of STAR882s lack of knowledge. He claims that compressor is no longer used when in fact in is being used in automotive A/C.


You are right, this has taken a wrong turn somewhere.

But the wrong turn is STARs fault. He continues to muddle the issue with outlandish comments that I won’t let go unchallenged.


I have been following the HVAC feud about star with increasing interest since I first posted a question (non HVAC)about our impreza acouple of weeks ago. I don’t have much knowledge, and have no experience on the subject, but the latest round of submissions have convinced me that, indeed, star inhabits an alternative universe. AC compressors are belt driven and have an electric clutch, as most any MORON knows.

I wouldn’t like the website to abandon anonymity. Actually, am learning a thing or two.


Actually, we all learn something here. When it comes to the automotive world you never really ever “see it all”. There’s always a curve ball being thrown somewhere.

OP, as mentioned, get the gauges put on it and go from there.

Willey, I can say I don’t get upset at all even with those I strongly disagree with on certain subjects but Star just really grates on me.
His posts are so far out there it takes all of the focus off someone’s problem and instead makes it a matter of damage control.
I wonder how many people post, get a quick response from this buffoon, and go sailing down to the A/C repair shop or auto parts store looking for a non-existent service or part.

The moderator told me they would suspend him if it continued but he could just re-register. Well, it continues. Suspend away and let him come back with a new ID. He certainly won’t be hard to spot, new ID or not.

Our local news did a consumer help report tonight on a local HVAC guy and it was a real hoot to listen to. Star is the first one I thought of. :slight_smile:


Have you not read or listened to anything we have said?

This is a automotive A/C application you dunce.


What does that even mean??

Answer the question… do you realize we are talking about automotive A/C.