My car stalls after driving ~15 miles? Can't pinpoint the problem

After driving my car for about ~15 miles it bogs, throttle doesn’t respond, if anything makes it worse. And then she dies. I’ve cleaned my MAF sensor and checked for spark, cleaned the connectors.

The only symptoms it seems to have is
-when my A/C is on, the idle will jump from ~1000 RPMs to 700RPMs to 900RPMS etc. Its all over the place every few seconds.
-bad gas mileage

My culprits right now are maybe
-the fuel filter getting clogged up,
-or the fuel pump overheating? (even with a full tank)
-or my O2 sensors. Do O2’s overheat? I feel like it could be that, given the horrible gas mileage I’m getting.

Id check: Vacuum leak (on something related to engine temp that opens when warm), or fuel pump.

The trouble you describe makes me think there is a fuel delivery problem. Perhaps the fuel pump relay contacts are bad and heating up causing the fuel pump to lose power. I doubt the pump is heating up or the O2 sensors are causing the trouble. I suppose the MAF sensor could be causing the trouble also.

When was the last time the fuel filter was changed?