Sometimes my engines going off like it's runing out of gas, MAF sensor?



I’m from mongolia and i have and BMW 318ti year 1999. My engine goes of even when the rev’s 2000 or it just goes of while I am in the traffic. I’ve changed the fuel and engine filter and the engine oil too. But still it makes no difference. Could it be the MAF sensor? Can anyone give me suggestions i’m totally confused.


Any Check Engine Light? How many miles on your car?

Changing the fuel filter was good. Air filter, also?
Tell us a little more about how the engine turns off. Does the engine stumble and then quit? Does the engine quit suddenly? Does the engine re-start easily? How does the engine idle, usually? Smoothly, or does it shake?
Have you changed the spark plugs, recently?
If the engine light (symbol) comes on, have the codes read at an auto parts store, for free (except in california). Bring any codes here for advice.

I haven’t changed the air filter and the spark plugs. When the engine is idle it’s running smooth, but suddenly it goes like it’s running out of fuel that the rev goes down and has to restart it by several tries. Once it restarts i hit the gas till the rev is over 6 and mostly it still goes off. There are no stumble when it quit’s

How often does it have this problem? The more often the rpm falls off, and the engine dies, the easier it is to find the cause.
Since the engine stall doesn’t seem to be instant, I think the problem is one of fuel getting to the engine. This would happen if the fuel pump stopped. The fuel pump may stop because its electrical power is cut off. It could stop if it’s failing. Fuel pressure tests would answer a lot of questions. Electrical checks of the fuel pump and wiring would answer other questions. Other tests are less reliable and more time consuming.
When the engine stalls, use a Starting Fluid and spray it into the large black intake tube. Crank the engine. If the engine runs a few seconds, the problem is fuel to/into the engine.
You can get a spark tester light (auto parts stores, ebay, or other online stores). You attach it to the spark plug wire, crank the engine, and there should be a flash about once every couple of seconds while the engine is cranking. This is one: Its light is dim, so, you’ll need to lower the hood to see the flashes.