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My car stalled and I don't know anything about cars

Kia Soul 2011: my car stalled out a few weeks ago when I stopped at a stop sign. It was still able to reverse fine but I had to turn it off and back on to get it to drive forward. It has not done so since but it has made some scrapping noises when I move forward at low speed without engaging the gas.

At a guess it sounds like transmission trouble, possibly the torque converter lockup. Is your check engine light on? Your best bet is to take it to a good mechanic.

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If your engine stalled, you would not be able to drive either forward or in reverse.
As was already suggested, the problem likely lies in the transmission.
How many times over the past 8 years has the trans fluid been changed?

Concur w/the advice above, if this car uses an automatic transmission, sounds like some sort of transmission problem. Could be something simple like an electrical connector has come loose, or something complicated, like the transmission fluid pressures are too low and it needs to be rebuilt. Ask your shop to check for engine and transmission diagnostic codes. Once you get the codes you can post them here for more opinions.