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Can it be a transmission problem?

I have a 1998 Honda Civic with 153,000 miles. Whenever I come to a stop my car turns off, before it turns off the check engine light will flickr and the right passenger door makes weird noises. When it turns off I put the car in park and it turns back on perfectly. When it does turn off the battery light and oil light comes on and stays on. This morning it happened again and the car wouldn’t start up for 10 minutes I need to know what’s wrong before it gets worse. I already got a tune up on it. Could it be transmission problem because the car will sometimes just jump up 1000rpm

As was suggested in a response to your other post ( , the stalling could indicate a need to clean or replace the Idle Air Control (IAC), or it could be a problem with the MAF, or it could simply be the result of a vacuum leak. Or, this could be the result of a worn-out ignition switch, or it could be from another type of faulty/intermittent electrical connection. Something that would not be related to the stalling is the transmission.

However, the comment about the car “jumping” 1,000 RPM could be indicative of a transmission problem or a clutch problem. Please clarify this comment for us, so that we know if the car maintains the same speed when it “jumps 1,000 RPM”, or if it gains speed. Also…is this an automatic transmission or a manual trans?

A car that is 15 years old can (and most likely does in this case) have multiple problems.