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My car stall on start

Hi! I have a Renault Scenic of 2001 with a 1.4 petrol engine (hope you’ve heard of scenic before) that stall on start every time and i need to push the gas pedal a few times to help it start. That happens every time my car stays more then 20 minutes off, while surprisingly mornings starts faster than usual (that is without stalling) and keeps the idle high for several minutes (even in summer). Don’t know if this is related but I also get vacuum in the gas tank (i guess) as it stops the fuel pump when refilling every 5 seconds.
Thank you in advance.

Not sure what a Renault Scenic looks like but it sounds like one of your injectors might be leaking: when you park it for a little while, there’s still a fair bit of fuel pressure behind the injectors. If one is leaking, it drips fuel into its particular head, causing it to flood.
That flooding likes causes it to start and stall, unless you open the throttle a bit.
In the morning, it dripped over night but eventually stopped so that fuel evaporated so the car starts fine. The idle is likely higher than normal driving when the engine is cold.

Try some Techron fuel additive. It cleans the injectors pretty well. Sometimes it needs several doses of it with each fill up.
Should that not work, you may need to remove the injectors and replace or clean them (or at least one of them).

Remco–Since Renault vehicles are not sold in the US (and we don’t really know where the OP resides), it is very possible that Chevron’s Techron fuel system cleaner is not marketed in the OP’s country.

That being said, I agree that the problem is very likely to be connected to leaking injectors.

Turi–If you can’t find the aforementioned Techron product, go to an auto parts store, and ask them for the most effective fuel system cleaner that they sell.

As to what a Renault Scenic looks like, here is a link so others can read about this large hatchback/small family van:

Yeah, I figured he was in Europe somewhere.
As far as auto repair and FLAPs, they do have many of the same means we have here, though.

Boy, Renault sure has changed. That looks pretty sporty.
When we were kids, my brother and I used to tool around with one very ugly five hundred guilder Renault R4 (“Fourgonnette” in France), junked by the postal services.