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2007 Citroen Picasso Stalling while driving and start issues

New to forums so please be gentle :grin:

I am having intermittent issues with our 2007 Citroen C4 Grand Piccasso and am hoping to narrow it down slightly as I understand this could be any number of issues or potentially several seperate issues…

Symptoms are as follows:

Has cut out several times now whilst driving, doesn’t appear to be fuel related as it doesn’t sputter etc, just engine off, once I didn’t even notice it had stalled for a few seconds. After cutout sometimes it restarts immediately, other times the is one click noise on turning ingnition then nothing, and other times (like today) the starter cranks continually but will not start.

I have noticed that on all occasions that this has happened the car has started successfully after a period of time (cooled down?) and driving is fine until the next time…

I have been told it could be Coil, ignition switch, faulty alternator, battery (I have put a new battery in now with no change) fuel pump, ECU computer, wiring harness. I am hoping to narrow down a bit or at least get the most likely one from the symptoms as I can’t do any of work myself and can’t afford to take to the dealer

Thanks in advance

Does the check engine light illuminate? If so, it’s storing trouble codes that can help narrow the possible causes down. You need to have someone with a code reader tell you what those codes are. Alternately, you can get a bluetooth OBD reader for not very much money and then download a reader app for your phone (Torque for Android, Foseal for iPhone) and pull them yourself. They will be in the format Pxxxx (x is numbers). Get those codes read and post them here.

One other thing is it Always starts from cold no issue, the problems appear to be after things are getting hot

@shadowfax it isn’t throwing up any codes I have a reader. I cleared the engine light as it comes on for Depolution error, this has been happening for several years, codes that come up for that are relevant to emission controls, but nothing else comes from this issue

That “depollution error” doesn’t mean that only emissions equipment that doesn’t impact how the car runs can be bad. It can indicate anything from a clogged fuel filter to a misfire. It can also be thrown by bad oxygen sensors, which would impact the car when it’s warm, but not when it’s cold.

Ok I cleared the codes this morning and I will report back with what it brings up