Whining noise

I have a 2005 Honda Civic ex that has developed a loud whining noise that seems to be coming from the front maybe right side of the car. The noise is only there when the weather is hot and it starts at around 65mph. It becomes consistently steady the hotter and faster you drive. Our mechanic was unable to find anything wrong with the car. The car did not make the noise up on the rack only when he took it out on the road. Does anybody have any ideas as to what this might be?

I had a similar problem on my 97 civic. The noise was coming out of the drivers front, my mother took it to mechanic and was told that tranny was shot. Well i inspected it and could not find the noise up until i removed the belts one at a time. It turned out to be the a/c tension pulley bearing. The cost for a new one was about $50. I went the cheaper route and only bought the bearing race and pressed it on my self:total cost $10. My advice is to check every belt and pulley. Also, not every mechanic is honest. Right now even shops are feeling the economic pain.

Whining from the right front? Ditch the spouse.