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Danger in Stalling

We have a 3.8 1994 Buick Regal. We are having trouble with the car stalling out when we let up on the gas and step on the brake, not when driving along but coming to a complete stop It does not seem to be running right any ideas. Cold weather we have kids don’t want to be stranded. HELP PLEASE

There are so many possible causes for this, especially on a car this age, that the only suggestion I can offer is to take it to a reputable mechanic.


Have the brake booster checked for leaks. It’s a common failure in the brake boosters. You can probably hear the leak yourself. Start the car, and with the car in park, press the brake pedal and listen for an air leak under the dash. Also, the engine should begin to stumble as you press the brake.

BustedKnuckles has given you a very likely culprit for this stalling problem, but I would add that you need to make sure that all of the car’s maintenance is up to date. Replacing spark plugs, air filter, and fuel filter will help to ensure that the engine keeps running reliably.

If the stalling problem persists after you have had the brake booster checked/replaced and after all maintenance is brought up to date, then I would suggest that you have the Idle Air Control (IAC) checked. It may need to be replaced.

when the problem first developed I replaced the plugs. The car has a definite miss at I and you can tell well driving but does not make the car undriveable. If I push the throttle and speed up engine rpms It misses and when I let off quickly the engine will die about 75% of the time even though I’m not touching brakes. I was going to replace tps but I didn’t think that would effect idle I have not replaced fuel filter because it does not act like it runs out of fuel. I also was questioning the coil packs. Thanks