'95 Buick Regal Stalling


My Regal is having a problem with stalling out occasionally. It only happens when im getting ready to stop, the rpm bar will shoot down really fast and shoot back up and then stall. The service engine soon light comes on sometimes but not always and i cannot have it checked because it is in transition year. Also, it will occasionally sputter like it dosnt want to shift when im going about 40mph. any ideas?


its a 12 pin dlc,old school find an old school tech,and have the code pulled,must have Code to help.the answer is in the check eng. light,grasshopper STEP ONE




Sounds like a problem in the lockup torque converter system. Have a transmission shop check it out.


unplug the lock up converter and see if it straightens out if it does just leave it unplugged it wont hurt anything , mileage will drop a little.


When you press the brake pedal, there is a TCC/brake switch which turns on the brake lights AND sends power to the engine computer. The engine computer, in turn, tells the lockup torque converter (in the transmission) to unlock the torque converter. This message isn’t getting through, or, isn’t being done. Init2win advises to disconnect the electrical connector to the torque converter lockup on the side of the transmission. There are, probably, several electrical connectors. Which one is it? A transmission shop can tell you.
There are other things which control the lockup torque converter which a shop can check; but, you can check the brake lights. Back up to a door, or wall. Press the brake pedal, lightly and heavily, several times. The brake lights should come on each time the pedal is pressed. If not, the TCC/brake light switch needs adjusting, or replacing.


purple wire,to tcc,if my old memory is working properly.