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My car jerks if i turn on the a/c on 04 mitsubishi galant

Hi, so my car jerks specially at higher speeds when i turn my a/c on. it started happening after i changed my condenser and filled it whit freon that was about 4 years ago, also the a/c never felt cold. It was cool for a little bit then will get warmer after a wile. Checked levels again but seamed to be ok. Now 4 years later compressor started making a horrible noise so i changed it and filled it again with freon. Well i was exited though i had fixed the problem but as soon as i left from the guy that filled the car with freon it started jerking again and a/c is not cooling that much again. Help anything that may be making this happen?

I’m no expert, but it sounds like the condenser is jammed. The car jerks because the AC clutch engages and if the condenser can only turn with difficulty, that places a large load on the engine. Surprised the belt doesn’t break, but it could at any time.

There may be too much freon (really R134) in the system. That puts a heavy load on the AC compressor. Take it back to the mechanic who serviced your AC and tell him your symptoms.

Was the AC system flushed to remove any debris from the old compressor that failed?

If not, that debris destroyed the new compressor.


So he put nitrogen i think to check for leaks then removed it put vacum to it for a wile then charged it as far as flushing i dont know how would you flush an a/c system?

Ok so i told him the symptoms from when he put the condensor and charged it now when he put the compressor he charged it again to same amout would it be possible that my car has a different level to were it should be chargef?

Yes, that possible. Most cars have the charge printed on a label underhood, though.