2002 toyota Sienna transmission

My van makes a extra hum after each gear shift when accelerating. Should I seek service or is transmission repair an all or nothing issue. I don’t won’t to pay someone $100.00 to tell me there is nothing to repair and it may go 10 miles or 100,000 miles more.

First, that’s a pretty vague description so I’d say there’s a possibility that the noise isn’t necessarily from the transmission. Presumably it is a new noise?

How many miles are on your Sienna? And has the transmission ever been serviced? Unfortunately your owner’s manual probably won’t give you good advice. It is generally good practice to drop the pan and change the filter every 30K miles. If you have never had this done, I would take the van to a local, independent transmission shop (no national chains) and ask them to service the pan/filter. As part of that service they will likely also scan it for codes and otherwise check things over - maybe an extra nominal fee or something. If you do have an actual problem, servicing may or may not do anything. But you would just call this basic maintenance - rather than a useless check up.

Sorry, here’s more details. I have 115,000 miles on the van, I have had the transmission fluid changed on the regular maintenance schedule - I agree with you whole heartily on the independent shops. This new “hum” only occurs for at most 2-3 seconds on the shift during acceleration. After those seconds everything sound normal. I called the independent shop that changed the fluid(whom I know well and trust) he didn’t know and referred me to another place that would answer any questions w/out an appointment and $$$$. Thank you.

Have you had the bands adjusted? This sound, along with a thunk when it goes into gear are common with older transmissions with loose bands. the thunk, if it is not now present, soon will be is my guess.

No thunk sound… But thank you for indicating there is something to adjust as I didn’t know that.

That A540 Transaxle you have is a pretty reliable automatic. You check engine light would have flashed if something was failing inside. I’d take it it shifts at the proper time and doesn’t slip or chatter, my guess is your problem is elsewhere. Has to do with the RPM change from one gear to the next. Take it to a good transmssion shop and have a tech drive it. He shouldn’t have to scan it either. Just drive it.

Thank you - yup shifts fine - just that hum.

My gear is not selecting drive, I drive sienna 2002 model, after I recently changed the engine

9 year old thread and you replied to someone who has not been here in years. If you had the engine changed contact who ever did it. If you did it your self then you may need someone to correct what you did wrong.