Car hums very loudly

Hi everyone. I need some answers to my question.

I have a 2000 Mercury Cougar which has 66,000 miles. My car hums very loudly when I first start it but only when it is cold outside. This is did not happen when we were in Hawaii.

I forgot to mention that I probably wake my neighbors up when I start it in the morning. It is super super loud.

Usually the noises that are hard to identify are the very slight intermittent ones.
You have a very loud constant noise and you can’t provide more info.
Have you made a inital visual inspection? sometimes the answer comes with a little looking around.
Use your sense of touch and see if you can narrow this down by feeling the vibration.
Is it possible the car was damaged when it was shipped?

It actually stops humming when it is warmed up. During spring & summer it does not hum. We want to take it in at a shop but we want to have an idea of what we might be dealing with. It does not appear to be damaged when it was shipped. We shipped it two years ago to Georgia around September. It did not start humming until winter and it stopped when it was warm again. We moved to CT last year summer and it started humming again last winter and now that it is cold again, it’s acting up. When you pop the hood, there are no belts loose. When we turned it on, it does not feel like its vibrating. We always take the car in for maintenance. Hope this helps.

Have the motor mounts checked. Just a guess, but if one is bad, an idling motor can cause a metal-to-metal hum if the mount is totally buggered. PArtially bad, and it could improve once some parts expand with heat.

Thank you so much for the help. We will have it look at. Does anyone know a good shop here in New London County?