My Car is Shocking...Literally!

I drive a 2003 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab SE. I purchased the car in Honolulu and had no issues with it there.

I moved to Colorado in June of 2010, and since then, I have noticed that my truck shocks me everytime I get out and reach to shut the door. I know that the climate is much drier here, but this isn’t just a little zap…it makes my whole hand and up my arm feel fuzzy for a couple minutes.

I have something installed on my truck that is like an electric anti corrosion device that is connected to the battery that i think is the culprit. It is connected to the battery and emits a high pitched, very faint tone that you can hear when the truck is off and you stand next to it.

Do all Nissan’s have this? Or is this just because the truck came from hawai’i? And is this normal?

Yeah, it’s probably that device. The device is probably energizing the body in the theory that it will stop the galvanic reaction to salt/water. 1) I doubt it. 2) it’s probably wired backwards or something which means you complete the circuit when you get out.

It’s normal to get a little shock from a car in winter when you get out, but not one that causes numbness.

I’ve heard of these devices. I have no idea whether or not they work, but I suggest you disconnect it and see if it helps. You don’t need the extra battery drain in Colorado, and you shouldn’t be getting powerful shocks from your truck.

I don’t think it’s a factory-installed accessory.