Car is shocking me and the battery died today

I have had to jump my 2004 Sienna Minivan battery 3 times in the last 4 months. Each time, I took it to Sams and they checked the battery and it was ok. When I started it this morning, it was sluggish to start, but started. Same thing happened about 2 1/2 hours later. Then this after noon at 330pm we tried to start it, it kind of choked and then nothing. Then my husband tried again and it really did nothing. One thing I have noticed today is that the car is shocking me when I get in and out of it. And today after we jumped it, Sam’s said it was fine again. Help!

If that’s the original battery, say, “Goodbye”, to it. I think the battery has become erratic with age.

Has you alternator been checked?
The static electric shocks that you are getting have no relation to the car’s electrical system. It is related to the weather and the clothes that you have on.

You must have bought the battery at Sams or you wouldn’t go there to have it checked. There are batteries that can have a bad connection inside them that will prevent the power from getting out while voltage checks are good. Does the work order say if the battery was load checked or if their meter said 12.6 volts and no load test? You can’t check a battery by putting a volt meter on it and saying GOOD!

As they have said, if it is the original 2004 battery, just replace it.  

Now about shocking:  Are you being shocked as you get in or out of the car or are you just shocked that the battery problem?

Well I got one crank out of the battery this morning, got a pretty decent shock, and then next try, about 1 hour later, it was dead. I went ahead and had the battery changed. Thanks for all your help.
About being shocked, it happens physically when I get out of the car. It has never done this before. My question would be, why start now? I am wearing the same stuff that I wear everyday, nothing new. I have had it for 4 years and we have lived in the DFW area and SW Missouri area. I know that it gets dry in both places and it never happened before.

If the problem continues with a new battery I’d suspect the contacts in the starter solenoid. Toyota starters often have this problem after 5 or more years. Google ‘Toyota starter contacts’, you’ll find info on that problem.

The shocks are not likely related to the battery. Now maybe because the weather is warmer and dryer. Try holding your key and touching the car with the key to discharge it.

 Note some tyres tend to have more of a problem with shocks than others.  You can also try spraying some anti static spray on the seats.   Different clothing can cause the problem.

Open door put left hand on top of door while putting 1-2 feet on the ground and you will not get shocked.
When going into a store touch glass before handle and you will not get shocked.