My car is possessed

I have a 2003 Hyundai Sonata. The car alarm has been going off for no reason. I no longer lock it with the key, as it will not arm that way. Today the alarm went off while I was at work. Long story short, after trying all things in the manual, it still would not shut off. My question is, can I just cut the wires to the alarm system?

Is it a built-in or an add-on alarm system?

If this is a factory anti-theft system, remove fuse #18, 10amp from the interior fuse box.

This fuse supplies power to the burglar alarm relay coil which will prevent the relay from operating preventing the alarm from going off.


Don’t just “cut wires” on your own or with any advice here no matter how accurate it is . You need qualified hands on determination concerning your electrical problem. You will get excellent advice and overall possibilities but if you start doing something that turns out wrong on your own, you could spend much more more to rectify the problem. Still education is good and going to a service provider with knowledge is even better. You may be able to disable it on your own in other ways. Check your manual.

Plus 1 for Tester. Just pull the fuse.

Depending on how things are wired in to alarm system will determine if you can just cut the alarm system wires of pull the fuse. Cutting a wrong wire may disable the car’s ignition. Fuses almost always supply power to a number of different circuits unless it is a dedicated fuse. One thing should work though, you should be able to cut the wire that is tied into the door locks. That way you can at least lock the doors using the key.

Pull the fuse. If it works, treat yourself to a congratulatory glass of good wine. If it doesn;t put it back in.

Hey, the system has to be designed such that it won’t self destruct of the fuse blows, so pulling it cannot do any harm.

As regards cutting wires, all electrical components are connected to their wiring harnesses by connectors. Disconnecting connectors is less risky than cutting wires and easier to reverse.