My car is groaning!

I just bought a used 95 Chrysler Cirrus LXI. Test drive went good, but 2 days after I bought the car, the left front end was groaning so bad it made ME groan! I took it back to the dealer, he rode in the car a ways and said it was just a bushing making the noise and was nothing to worry about. Well, I’m worrying now because when I make a sharp left turn, I’m hearing a metal-on-metal grinding noise. That can’t be good! Any thoughts?

Oh, and the cruise control don’t work either. The light comes on - but that’s it. Could this be a fuse or a vaccuum problem?

Thank you SO much for taking time out to read and answer my post!

The dealer is full of…

Get the sound checked out. It could be as simple as a brake wear indicator.

[b]Bring it back to the dealer and tell them you think there’s a safety issue involved with this noise, and they should inspect the suspension and the brakes.

If there’s a brake light out on the vehicle, the cruise control won’t operate.