My Car door got hit. Will a replacement door fit? (video)

04 kia amanti,

Was wondering a short term solution to keep water out the car. Tarp and gorilla tape???

Also would a new door even fit after this damage? heres a video clip

For a temporary fix Flex Tape will work.

Can the door be opened to see what damage was done to the uni-body?


@Tester it cannot. id probably have to kick it open if i want it to. So flex tape and some tarp would work ?

It looks like the 4" wide Flex Tape will reach across the gap by itself.

Without seeing if any damage was done to the uni-body, (door opening), it’s impossible to determine if replacing the door is possible.


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The short answer is - Yes. But the unibody may need some straightening to get it to fit correctly. I’ve seen much worse that was fixed to new condition.

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The car is worth $500 to 2000 depending on mileage and condition. That is after you fix the collision damage and rusted out rear wheel arches. or you can bash the door open, bend the window frame in at the top and bash it closed and just drive it that way until you get rid of it.

I suspect that the B-pillar is bent, open the front door and inspect the B-pillar.

@oldtimer-11 would I have to take it to a professional to have it bent?

Of course you need a professional body repair . Actually if your lucky you will find that the door and repair are more than you want to spend on this thing that has had a lot of problems ( according to your own threads ) . Also I think this is your second troublesome Amanti . Also is I remember you are not in the United States which most of the members here are. That makes replies a little more difficult to be help full. maybe it is time to try a different brand and model.

Was that door bent by a professional? Anyone can bend something, you don’t need a license. You will never bend the upper door enough to get it to seal. No professional will take in a $300 car with $3000 in damage, you are on your own with this repair. You may be able to straighten the B pillar enough to get the door to seal.

im in the usa

I could get that door to bend enough to seal, it would be ugly though and would involve some hammers, including a sledge, 2x4s, a drill and some screws and RTV sealer. It would never open again. I would laugh all the way down the road to drive a car like that.

Many years ago we were going out to dinner with another couple for their anniversary. The anneversary couple got picked up when it was their anniversary and visa versa. It tickled my sense of humor to pick them up in my work car a $200 Plymouth Duster, standard shift. The only good thing about that car was the way it ran and it was clean inside. The paint was a faded blue that was prrling off the silver primer. The clutch pedal was held up by a bicycle inner tube tied around the steering column and when the heater control valve went I bolted an outside faucet to the dash to control the heat. We pulled up to Oliver’s restaurant in North Buffalo and pulled into their minuscule parking lot and were met by a parking valet who informed me that NOBODY self parked in their lot. I just laughed, dropped my passengers at the door’ told the valet that his tip was too high a percentage of the value of the car. and parked in the street . Before I got to the door a buffalo Police car pulled in and parked at the door. I told the valet, see, you lied to me.

A valet lets a cop park wherever he wants. Don’t want to get floyded.


I think that car is now scrap. Time to walk away from it.


What, he just fixed it!

My son in law was hit in the rear quarter panel, got the money for repairs, then never did anything about it. It’s a 2016 AccordEX, and this occurred 2 years ago. He buffed the black off. Hardly any paint damage, but there is an obvious dent. Some people either don’t care or can’t afford to fix or replace the car.

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That is very unfortunate for those folks.