My car does start well when it is hot

I have a 1986 Chevrolet Nova (It is actually a Toyata with a 4A engine). There are 95K miles on it. The engine is solid. It gets 25-30 mpg. I think it should get better mileage. It has a carburator. I got it cheap and now I want to fix it for cheap.

When it is cold, it starts well. Pump the gas once and it starts immediately with the choke engaged, revving fast. After a few seconds, I can hit the gas and the choke disengages.

The problem is when it is hot. Say, I have driven at least 10 minutes and stop the engine. I park and go into the store and come back out in about 10 minutes or so. When I start the engine, it takes at least 5 seconds to start. Then, it smells like gas inside the car, as if it is flooded.

A friend thought it would be a clogged charcoal cannister. I disconnected the vacuum hoses from the carb to the cannister and that didn’t seem to help.

What do you think could cause this problem?

Your carburetor has an internal leak and needs to be rebuilt…It sounds like the needle and seat, which control fuel level in the float chamber, is leaking, allowing fuel to dribble down into the engine, flooding it. Next time, try flooring the gas pedal as you crank the engine. If that helps, my suggestion is correct…