My car die wheni key on


My car die when i key but sometimes looks like there is no power at all but the battery is good the alternator and the starter what can be causing the car to do this spark plugs are new an change by professional?


No power at all sometimes? Starter tested good? I say ignition switch.


Do you have a GM engine? It could be the Passlock system.


You need a mechanic who knows and understands car electrical things. A good mechanic, using a digital voltmeter and the wiring diagrams, can find the problem and fix it for a reasonable price.


where do i find it? is it hard to change it? would i be able to dit myself i dont want to spend a lot money i spend enough on this car.please help with any possible solution thanks


how much are we talking about? i dont want’ to spend alot.u have a cheap solution please help


please would you be able to send intructions un how to do this or check it first? i can not spend more money on mechanic every litle tip woul be apreciated than you.