Lost of Power



I started my car to let it warm up. When I put it in drive to go, it died. I mean everything, lights, ignition the whole works. I tried to start it again but nothing, no power to anything.I left it alone for a couple of hours while I seeked help. When helped arrived,the car started up without a problem. I let it run for awhile to see what happens. It ran fine. I turned it off and started it again, no problem. I proceeded to take it for a spin, it died in route. Lost all power while riding along. Turned key, nothing. I had it towed back home, checked all connections, battery, alternator, ect. All seems fine. What can cause a lost of power yet the car starts up with full power after sitting awhile?


Faulty ignition module?


I think you mean ignition switch. And I’d be inclined to agree.