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Camaro wont run below 2ooo rpm

I have an 88 Camaro and it wont start without help like starter fluid. It also wont stay running below 2000rpm. When it drops below 2000rpm. It shuts off the fuel injectors and it dies. It also dies immediately when I put it into gear or turn on the ac. Any ideas what my problem is? Also I think it had a 305 in it and it was changed out for a 350. There are lots of extra wires and hoses .

It is impossible to diagnose a problem when there is no way for us to know what has been kluged up on this car. The possibilities are literally endless. If you don’t know what those extra wires or hoses are, how can we?

Start by looking for a big vacuum leak. Good luck, you are going to need it.

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Offhand and without car in hand I would also start thinking a large vacuum leak.

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