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Car won't start

Our care won’t start. It’s not the battery or the alternator - we know because the mechanics checked. The relay was recently fixed and the problem still persists. I will turn the ignition to ‘on’ and the air will come on, the security light will come on, and the dash will come alive and then i’ll be able to start it. But recently, nothing is turning on (with the exception of the air)! What is the problem?? My husband thinks it’s electrical, what do you think? Is it worth fixing, or should we buy a new car?

Model year?
Odometer mileage?
Which relay was recently “fixed”?
What exactly has been replaced/repaired so far?

So nothing happens when you turn the switch to start?

well, i just tried it again and the first time nothing happened. The only thing that worked was the ac. I left it on the ‘on’ switch and cranked it a few seconds later and it started up. the dash lights flickered and the security light stayed on.

Have repair guy check under coating of hot wire at the battery, slice coating 2-3 inches and look for green crud.

What mechanics? did you take it to a dealer, or a chain outfit, or a reputable independent or a shade tree down the block?
What is the service record on this car, how old is the car, how many miles, how many years on the battery, do you park it inside out out?
We need more information about the car, thought it is nice to have information about the problem too dear.
So my wild ass guess is that you have a bad set of connections from the battery to the ground and or from the hot terminal (positive) to the switch. Anyway the simplest and cheapest thing to do is to clean these connections, a lot cheaper than buying a new car for sure. Oh yes, dont panic.