My Audi Allroad has been in the shop over ONE YEAR!


My 2001 Audi Allroad had a leak in the pollen filter ( first car i ever had with a pollen filter ). During the winter of 2005 water went in the pollen filter and filled the bottom of the car, where the wire harness runs.

Now, you drive for a half hour with the cruise control, and when you go into an “s” curve the car accelerates at full twin turbo speed until you hit the brake or turn it off.

Sunset Audi of Beaverton has had the car in thier shop for over a year on this issue.

They dont have a service entry on the car since last september and…


The wire harness has been replaced twice, all wheel sensors have been replaced, the brain has been replaced, the steering wheel and column has been replaced.

Does anyone know how to fix an audi ??



It sounds like this was a flood car and if so, should have been declared a total by the insurance company.

I would have no idea in the world what is wrong with this vehicle but a year in the shop and 4000 miles of test driving(???) would have clinched it for me. It would be adios.


It sounds to me that there may be a wire problem that makes the CC think that the speed is low so it cranks in more speed to compensate for it. Maybe there is a bad connection to a speed sensor wire causing the trouble. I would monitor that to see if that is the problem.

This must be some sort of a record for a repair job. Obviously they haven’t been working on it all that time. You may need to take it to another shop, one that specializes in electrical problems. You also may need to see a lawyer when you get the bill for this.