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2001 Audi Allroad: Catalytic Converter and 2ndary air pump


This is my first post, and already it comes with a lot of baggage: Mechanics tell me my catalytic converter and secondary air pump on my 2001 Audi Allroad need to be replaced, and that they are not covered under my extended warranty (in the past, extended warranty covered new transmission and axle and repair of engine oil leaks). My car has over 100,000 miles on it and is an automatic.

I would like to know if anybody can help me find out:

a) Why are these things not covered under warranty? I understand catalytic converter since that is exhaust related, but not secondary air pump.

b) Are these two repairs really necessary to drive the car safely for another 1 to 2 years?

c) At this point, given the car’s history would you bother repairing or do you suggest buying another car? Are these problems likely to come back with allroads?

d) How much should it cost to repair them (SF Bay Area)?

Thank you very much for your help.

The repairs are necessary if your check engine light is illuminated(if not ignore the advice to change) or you cannot pass CA smog testing.

What is prompting you or mechanic to find this out? If dealer get 2nd opinion from independent shop.

I am unclear on what your extended warranty covers(usually not emissions but only powertrain).

Thank you very much!

My check engine light is illuminated, but smog test not coming up for another half a year (hopefully enough time to find a used, but functioning catalytic converter).

I brought the car to the dealer because it was rattling at rpms over 2500 and when driving uphill. The dealer stated that this was due to tires that were installed wrongly (by Wheelworks), and stated that they took care of that problem (balancing the tires I assume). Also, I hear a metallic sound, almost like tinnitus when I start the car after a cold night in the morning. The dealer stated that that was due to the secondary air pump not working/about to stop working. Related to the check engine light, dealer stated that that was from the catalytic converter - btw, dealer also already told me two years ago that my catalytic converter was bad when in fact the problem was that my axle was broken and catalytic converter was fine. I have become untrusty of their opinions, but they are the only ones I can take car to with extended warranty.

If my extended warranty covers powertrain, would that then include the secondary air pump?