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My air is slowly quitting

I drive a 2001 Chrysler Sebring. The fan knob in my car is numbered 1-4, and 1-3 havequit working. They have stopped working independently of the other, so it has been gradual. However, when i want any airflow, it’s either full blast or nothing. The air conditioning works still, and I believe every vent is functioning properly, but I am perplexed as to why the levels have started to quit. Please- any advise would be great- I am on my last leg… thanks!

There is a resistor that controls the fan speed, and the symptom that you have described is the classic description of a failed resistor. On some cars, it can be replaced, independent of the fan motor, but on others it is integral with the fan motor. You may be able to get away with replacing just the resistor, or you may have to replace the fan motor, depending on Chrysler’s design.

Don’t feel too bad if you have to replace the whole blower. Often the failure of the resistors (there is no resistor for high) is an indication that the blower motor is going.

I have same problem, probably the resistor pack behind plastic shield under glove compartment. Remove shield (just pulls out). Then remove two screws on either side. Then pull off 2 connectors. Can test blower by applying ±12v to it. Can test blower resistors with ohmmeter, as well as thermal cutout device (it should have zero or low resistance when cool. Heat up with hot air, and should be “open” circuit when it gets too hot!). If all still appears okay, check fuse, relay, connections, then dash switch. Still not working?.. Gets complicated!