My Chrysler Sebring and the HVAC fan

I have enjoyed my Sebring convertible for nearly 6 years and have experienced no problems until a few weeks ago when I wanted to defrost the windows in a rainstorm. The fan will not come on when I turn the knob to the 1, 2, or 3 settings (settings for auto control). Setting 4 causes the fan to work at a “constant” speed and temp and seems to work fine whether it is heating or cooling. I am getting ready to sell my car and would like to determine if this is an easy fix that I should pursue before selling. I would appreciate any thoughts on this.

It sounds like the Resistor Pack for the HVAC fan needs to be replaced, because what you described is the classic description of this problem.

On some cars, the Resistor Pack is located on the fan motor, on other cars it is in an adjoining HVAC duct, and on still others, it might be under the hood, mounted on the firewall. I don’t know exactly where it is located on your model. There is also a remote possibility that you could have a defective fan speed switch.

Many thanks for your reply. I will explore the costs for the Resistor Pack replacement as this seems the likely problem.