My 99 Integra turned 60k - maintenane questions

Should I change/do:

1) valve adjustment

2) fuel filter

3) distributor cap

- My 1st gen Prelude had the distributor cap changed by a mechanic - its mileage dropped from 30 to 21!

Well, what does the owners manual say to do? You know, that booklet in the glovebox that still has the cellophane wrapped around it? I would generally follow that, rather than the dealer, who will add on all sorts of unnecessary stuff. Has all other routine maintenance been performed? At 60K you’re probably getting close to a timing belt change (or did they go to a chain at some point?). If the fuel filter has never been changed, that might be due soon. What does the manual say?

“At 60K you’re probably getting close to a timing belt change”

Actually, the number of miles is irrelevant in this case since the car is now 8 yrs old. According to any maintenance schedule that I have ever seen, the timing belt should be changed at 7 or 8 yrs, regardless of how few miles are on the odometer.

You are correct about your other comments, and the OP should be following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule rather than anyone’s random suggestions. That maintenance schedule will include the elapsed time interval for a timing belt change, as well as all other major service items.