2000 Jeep Cherokee Making Popping Noises

I recently Put my Jeep From 4 wheel low, Low gear into 4 wheel low, reverse at approx. 10mph. I now have a popping sound that sounds like my 4 wheel is locked(I do not mannually lock my 4 wheel) as well as a pop that seems to build up. Also, my wheels seem to be “wobbly”. I took it to a mechanic and he told me I needed a new transfer case. A mechanic I know told me that raised some red flags. He recommended that I have my front axel fluid drained by removing my pumpkin. He told me I should see the damage once the pumpkin is removed. He said most likely the damage was to the ring and pins in side the pumkin. However he can not take a look at my vehicle. Does any one have any suggestions or can you help me decide what to do???

Front axle joints? They do turn all time, but there is more stress on them in 4 wheel drive.

Wait! You’re saying you shifted from forward to reverse at 10 mph? While in low range?

Is that correct?

If so, you got some “splainin” to do, Lucy.

Pumpkins? Great as Halloween decorations but not very effective as differentials.

A ring and pins inside a pumpkin? Cool! Can I see them?

Why would you need to remove a pumpkin (where, exactly, is this pumpkin?) in order to drain your front axle fluid?

“However he can not take a look at my vehicle.” This means he knows you’ve destroyed something important, and he doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad, expensive news.

PS I understand that “pumpkin” is another word for “differential,” but that doesn’t excuse you.

Why did you shift from forward to reverse at 10 mph?

So, you’re telling us that it is not a good idea to shift from a forward gear to reverse at 10 mph?
And, that it can cause damage?


YES THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sorry if the lingo I’m use to is not the technical terminology. Obviously it was an accident… If I needed smart ass remarks I would go els where for that. WHAT I NEEDED WAS SOME LEGIT ADVISE! Unfortunatly you can’t give that to me. SO THANKS BUT NO THANKS!