My 98 Ford Escort


Ok so my air didnt work… and it’s summer. I NEED AIR!!! Well- we bought frigerant… And now we cant put it in because we have no idea where the low pressure switch is for a 98 Ford Escort… And I REALLY need air!


Automotive AC systems are, in my opinion, not within the do-it-yourself category. Take the car to an auto AC shop and let the experts figure out what’s wrong. They can test EVERYTHING, which you cannot do.

They will find the leak and repair it. You might add refrigerant, but it will just leak out again and the air will stop working.

Have you read about the poor souls who discovered that a can of refrigerant can become a hand grenade under the right circumstances? I would not mess with this if I were you. But then, I’m not you.


I agree 100% with MC in this case.

It should be checked for possible leaks (how else would it have gotten low, they don’t use it to make cold.

The tools skill and available supplies to do the job right takes it out of the DIY range in my opinion. There once was a time you could do some work, but today, I think you are better off having it done right. In the long run I believe it will be cheaper.

If you have to ask, have it done.