My 95 Grand Am is heating things up (only when it wants to)

My 95 Pontiac Grand Am is overheating after after 20 miles of highway driving, and then into city traffic. Around town it seems fine, on the highway it seems fine, but after the highway drive ends with stop and go, it gets hot. Thermostat and Water pump have been replaced, and a few leaky hoses and connectors have been replaced. Mechanic does not know what is wrong, he says problem is fixed and then every time I get the car back, it over heats.

Sounds like you have a cooling fan problem. If I remember the strategy for the cooling fan on this car, when you get above a predetermined speed the fan no longer has to operate so it shuts off. Chances are it’s not coming back on, if it ever actually works to start with. Dont forget to check coolant level.

Thanks. I thought the fan too, especially because it seems to cool off when I run the AC full blast. I have had two mechanics tell me the fans are okay!?! It is at a 3rd one now. I do think it is something to the fan.