My 2006 2.5 jetta is falling apart

Recently all the lights have begun appearing on my jetta. I am meticulous about maintenance.

I parked the car in the driveway and put on emergency brake. NOW the brake will not disengage. The car drives but slows down. How do I get the hand brake off if the lever does not work?

The parking brake works via a cable which is apparently stuck somewhere. If pulling and releasing the handle hasn’t worked then the best bet is to get the car up on a lift and track the cable to determine where and why it jammed.

If the cable isn’t jammed then some parking brake hardware had broken loose and jammed inside the wheel activated by the parking brake. These means taking that wheel off which will be very difficult with the parking brake still on.

There isn’t much you do from inside the car, and space to crawl around under the car is limited.

A multiple warning light display usually means a bad diode in the alternator…You are on your own with the e-brake. Does it release automatically when you put the car in gear? How does it normally release?